[[t]ri͟ːdɪre̱kt, -daɪ-[/t]]
redirects, redirecting, redirected
1) VERB If you redirect your energy, resources, or ability, you begin doing something different or trying to achieve something different.

[V n] Controls were used to redistribute or redirect resources.

Derived words:
redirection [[t]ri͟ːdɪre̱kʃ(ə)n, -daɪ-[/t]] N-UNCOUNT also a N, usu N of n

A redirection of resources would be required.

2) VERB If you redirect someone or something, you change their course or destination.

[V n] She redirected them to the men's department.

Derived words:
redirection N-UNCOUNT

...the Royal Mail redirection service.

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